Fight Foot Funk

funky_feet_755213f8-9866-4c39-a9a4-63c83c858874_grandeAre there funky feet in your life? Try these easy options.

I suggest a two-pronged approach to fighting foot odor. First, we’re going to tackle the toes with a foot bath, like the ones I found at Herbbee. I like the tea tree/peppermint combo, but there are several recipes available. You’ll want to soak daily for about a week, then ramp it down to once or twice a week, eventually soaking once a week to maintain funk-free-feet. Be sure to read their their Safety and Usage section as well as the individual essential oil profiles before using

Now, we’re going to tackle stinky shoes. There are various sprays and powders on the market, but I’m option for a more natural approach.

I found these great shoe deodorizers at Onegoodthingbyjill. Take a sock or stocking (the more breathable, the better), fill it with baking soda (adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil is optional), then tie up the open end so nothing leaks out. Leave these funk-greneades in your shoes overnight on a regular basis to annihilate odors.

Following this regimen should help you conquer the malodorous stench that has been emanating from your bottom-most body parts.

Here’s one last protip for those with foot funk that you just can’t shake- try soaking them in a diluted vinegar solution for a few minutes. You want a ratio of one part vinegar to two parts water. Do this for 15 minutes a day until the grody goes away. There are more foot care tips at Livestrong.

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